Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Protection from Sunburn

Many people enjoy the summer fun and stay outdoors long. Don’t forget to take precautions against sunburn. Be protected with all methods listed below.

Minimize the exposure under the sun

Some people hold an umbrella to block the sunshine; some wears broad-brimmed hat instead. Don’t rely on either exclusively, thinking that you are immune from sunburn. Ultraviolet (UV) can still reach you to do harms. 

Stay in the shadow whenever you can. The place could be under a roof of foliage, the kiosk in the park, porch roof and the covered walkway, etc.

Pitch a tent next to your picnic so that you can hide from the sun during the nap or reading.

Use a beach umbrella when you are lying on the beach or in the swimming pool, or sitting for a barbecue. Don’t get your skin overtanned.

Protective clothing

Do you know that there is clothing material that can block UV? They are the sun protective clothing. In the midst of finding a good buy, consumers will come across UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor). Let’s learn more about the UV blocking capacity.

UPF rating ----- Protection category ----- % UV radiation block
UPF 15 – 24 ----- Good ----- 93.3 – 95.9
UPF 25 – 39 ----- Very good ----- 96.0 – 97.4
UPF 40 – 50+ ----- Excellent ----- 97.5 – 99+

If your clothes are not made of blocking UV material, the best you can do is to alleviate the sunburn by wearing long sleeve, full collars, full-length trousers and shorts. Surprisingly, darker colored fabrics can offer more protection than lighter colored fabrics.

Don’t forget wearing the broad-brimmed hat. If possible, wear a sunglass that can block UV to protect your cornea from opacity cornea and keratoconjunctivitis.

Also, get a towel to cover the neck. It’s good for absorbing the sweat and minimizing direct exposure under the sun.

Sunblock lotion

There are many brands in the market and the price range is wide. Be mindful that some products are particularly made for children whose skins are much tender than the adults’.

Consumers will come across two popular terms, SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and PA.

SPF measures the effectiveness of a sunscreen. 1 SF sunblock could last for successive 20 minutes. Thus, the effectiveness for SPF 30 could come up to about 600 minutes successively.

PA (The Protection Grade of UVA) system measures the UVA protection a sunscreen provides. PA+ is the double ability to resist sunblock, PA++ triple, PA+++ four times (the maximum protection level we can enjoy so far).

Sunblock can be in the form of lotion, cream, gel and spray. Read the product specification carefully and pick the most suitable one for your own protection.

Don’t be lazy and overlook the possible protections that you can get, lest you may subject to the three potential health risks that often arises after long and continuous exposure to the ultraviolet.

1)      Skin damage: lost flexibility, formation of black pigment, and skin cancer for severe case.
2)      Destruction to the immune system: lower the resistance to the bacteria and cause infectious disease easier.
3)      Eye damage: opacity cornea and keratoconjunctivitis.

Play hard and protect harder in summer. We can maximize the fun without endanger our health. Enjoy yourself safely.

Author’s note:

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 and More

Many people devote substantial time and money to sit in front of the TV with snacks and drinks to enjoy the games. Not enough? Have more fun then.

FIFA World Cup always succeeds in capturing people’s craze on this sport. Football fans and non-fans do the same thing – staring at the big monitor to absorb the excitement of the game. Family or friends gather in one’s home to share snacks and drinks together. Everyone is willing to forget the body weight for a while and indulge heavily in consuming potato chips, coke, pizza, beer… And the pleasure comes to the climax whenever a football player kicks a goal.

The businessmen also show their enthusiasm – to sell more during this exhilarating period. The shopping malls have related decorations to attract more visitors. I took eight photos at the front entrance of the Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Time for a quiz, can you name all these football players? 

Besides eye-catching decorations, many companies offer FIFA World Cup version for their products or promotional gifts to boost sales.

The bars with big TV are crowded with exciting audiences, who are generous to produce applause, joyful shouts, order and consume one drink after another.

Still want more fun? Why not invite other people to have a football match? It will be a great fun to wear the number of your favorite player, run, yell and laugh, and kick a goal in the field.

Football is a sport that requires people to move every part of their body and cooperate with others to form a beautiful attack or defense. The exercise is a universal language connecting the players and the audiences, offering people an outlet to enjoy oneself immensely in a healthy manner. Daily routine, worries and troubles all lay aside for a while. Take pleasure in sweating, energetic movement, fun and the carefree moment for you deserve all these.

Finally, any forecast on which team will be the champion? Feel free to leave an encouraging message for your favorite team. Enjoy the FIFA World cup 2014 and more if possible.

Author’s note:

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Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Playgroups for your Kids

Many parents can’t afford enrolling their children to playgroups. They act as if no remedy is possible. Why not DIY playgroups to stimulate your kids?

In Hong Kong, many wealthy families will enroll their infant or kid to various playgroups (maximum I have heard about is 12 in a week), to have the child better equipped to face the challenges in the competitive world nowadays. It’s very expensive to join the playgroups available in the market and many families can’t afford the expense. Will you simply accept this entry barrier and do nothing? Or make an effort to create your own playgroups that are similar to the commercial ones? You can still stimulate your kids at a frugal way and achieve similar competitiveness if you will.

To DIY playgroups for your kids, you need to work harder than other parents for the setup but the investment will pay off when your kids are growing smartly and have confidence to face challenges and solve their own problems.

Essential things for the DIY playgroups:

1)      A good teacher, the parents in the DIY case – they must be creative, patient and proficient at the teaching subjects.
2)      Good venues -- spacious for both indoors (a spacious corner at home) and outdoors (children’s playground nearby and children’s library), colorful and safe.
3)      Helpful tools to facilitate the learning, for example, play mat for crawling, flashcards for learning new vocabulary, and educational toys for training of the eyes, ears and limbs.
4)      Good company of similar age, if possible – children can inspire one another; this prolongs the kid’s attention and involvement to an activity or item.

Many people believe in the sponge theory (the learning ability of 0-6 years old is the highest). It is also essential to know the best timing to acquire a particular skill.

Best timing for various developments:

Age 0 – 1: crawling and the ability to control the major muscles.
Age 1 – 2: language development and interest in moving around to explore.
Age 2 – 3: social development and habit of reading.

With the best timing in mind, parents as the DIY playgroup teacher could specialize their efforts to generate a satisfactory result, maybe even better than the paid ones.

Benefits of DIY playgroups for your kids:

The playgroups organized by commercial institutes are often expensive with keep competition to get a place. There is no guarantee that the teachers are definitely creative and inspiring enough to stimulate the kids, and if not, the money spent would be a waste.

It is important for parents to attend the playgroup, free or paid, with their children. DIY playgroups at home, you will save time from traveling to different venues and be able to devote more time to the kid’s actual learning.

Parents can adopt baby gyms at home to boost the crawling and muscle development. The setup is not difficult to arrange. You need a toy to hold the infant’s attention, a super mat, your attentive and consistent effort to stimulate the baby.

It’s said that kid’s attentiveness or concentration lasts for 30 minutes only. In the DIY case, you can take a break or shift to a brand new learning aspect for every 30 minutes. The flexibility will be more fruitful than idling oneself to wait for the teacher and other children for the next move in the commercial playgroups.

It’s also said that learning a new vocabulary takes application five times to stamp the word on the kid’s memory. Five times, fewer or more in reality, suggest that continuous efforts must be inserted. Having a group of kids, the teacher won’t be able to do the consolidation for each child. Parents often need to do the forging.

In commercial playgroups, the common activities are sing and play, circle time, handwork, refreshments, story-telling and playing in the garden. Parents can learn from the samples displayed in YouTube to play the teacher role as well. There are books and blogs giving helpful tips about playgroups and how to stimulate kids learning.

The most difficult element to duplicate from the commercial playgroup is having other parents and their children to participate. You can bring your kids to play in the park, befriend other parents and kids there and check to see if they are interested in joining your DIY playgroups. If your home is not spacious enough to hold many people, think about the park or the beach nearby.

One-time alternatives:

Seek and participate in some promotional events organized by companies marketing their infant’s or child’s products, for example, the crawling competition for infants, free play in the giant ball pit or inflatable bouncer, and trial play for new toys. Also, check out the family activities organized by the government and charity organizations. These occasions will expose your children to other kids of similar age, giving them more courage to face strangers and express themselves in the new environment.

Without enrolling to the expensive playgroups, a child is still competitive if his parents could provide similar and relevant stimulus, spend time with the kid to explore the world together, let him play with other kids to enhance the communication and social skills.

Opportunities are everywhere, grasp at whatever you have access to. Your kids can be benefited in a frugal way without leaving their potentials untouched.

Author’s note:

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learn the Names of Flowers and Plants (Part Two)

Would you like to learn more new names of flowers and plants? The picture dictionary can help you. Also, try other means to add fun in the learning.

This article will show you 16 different flowers and plants. I took all the photos in the 2014 Hong Kong Flower Show.

If you read Part One and Part Two, you have come across 31 species. Feeling overwhelmed? I hope not so. As we all know, there are many other beautiful flowers and plants waiting for your discovery and appreciation. So, there comes the question: How can we remember so many flowers and plants, recalling their names and appearances correctly at least?

To facilitate and consolidate the learning, it is an essence to add some fun elements.

Various means to learn the name and appearance of flowers and plants:
1)      Read the picture dictionary.
2)      Pay frequent visit to parks that label flowers and plants.
3)      Pay frequent visit to flower shops or exhibitions that label flowers and plants.
4)      Have a field trip to take photos for a particular flower or plant. You can go alone or with some friends who are willing to help you search the target.
5)      Paint the flower or plant and write down the name of the species when you sign your work.
6)      Collect postcards, pictures and posters of flowers and plants, and use them to decorate your wall. Don’t forget to copy their name to the front side.
7)      Organize your photo collection. Let each species has an individual album or video and send it to your friends for sharing. The communication will stamp the name and appearance to your mind easier.
8)      Buy the seed and grow the flower or plant. Successful experience in gardening will provoke you to get yourself familiar with other new species.
9)      If gardening is impossible, try flowery arrangement that takes up fewer spaces. You will be aware of more species easier during the ingredient preparation.
10)  Buy flowers and plants to decorate your home. You can assign one flower vase for each species. Stick the name on the vase until you can remember the host name.

The learning will be more efficient if you can incorporate it with some fun activities and hobbies, communication and sharing with other people. Let the learning process enrich your life. A hunger of learning will appear, urging you inwardly to learn more to satisfy your appetite. The enhancing knowledge level will make you more alert to the background beauty and appreciate the Nature even better if you can name the flowers and plants effortlessly.

Take the small step to learn the flowers and plants, be able to recall their names and appearances at least, and unfold the magical impact that built up throughout.

Author’s note:

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