Wednesday, January 7, 2015

True Meaning of Christmas

Do you know the true meaning of Christmas? Read on to feast your eyes with the correct answer that brings joy to the world, forever and ever.
When people mention Christmas, the first few things that come into one’s mind are often Christmas tree, light and shiny decorations; Santa Claus and Christmas gifts; buffet and party. They are all merry things to enjoy, but none of them tells the true meaning of Christmas, which involves a priceless blessing out of incomparable love and a real happening that saves everyone (our ancestors and next generations included as well).

On a silent night, a virgin gave birth to a lovely child. His name is Jesus Christ. The place of the birth was a manger because his parents, Mary and Joseph, couldn’t find a place in the taverns. The cold weather didn’t undercut the love and warmth shown by his parents. Angel announced to the shepherds the new born king, whereas, three kings from far away followed the star to find the infant and pay their worship to him with precious gifts. Many people came to see the child and shared the little family’s joy. Behold! How adorable the child is!

What a deficiency that we didn’t see the peaceful sight of the Holy Family everywhere at Christmas days! The scene was often limited, available in church or school only. Christmas tree, light, decoration, gift-wrap, buffet and party were all over. Gifts started the countdown of their lifespan. Life is back to normal, but never exactly the same due to this humble and glorious birth. If you miss a glimpse of the birth of Savoir in the last Christmas, I hope my photos will give you consolation and fill up the inner void that was overlooked and yet rooted deep in everyone’s heart.

Many people know but ignore the truth that this little child is both God and man. He came to this world in human form to die for us sinners on the Cross at age 33 so that we could be saved from sins and reconcile with God. Welcome to be a Christmas angel to spread the Good News. You don’t need to have a good voice and boldness to stand in front of people. All you need to do is decorate your home / office / the outer area with the manger theme. Replicate the blessing sight and bring joy to the world. Wish everyone to be reminded of the real cause of the Christmas celebration and cherish God’s salvation that could be easily attained if we use our free will to accept it wholeheartedly. 

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