Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Learn the Names of Flowers and Plants (Part Two)

Would you like to learn more new names of flowers and plants? The picture dictionary can help you. Also, try other means to add fun in the learning.

This article will show you 16 different flowers and plants. I took all the photos in the 2014 Hong Kong Flower Show.

If you read Part One and Part Two, you have come across 31 species. Feeling overwhelmed? I hope not so. As we all know, there are many other beautiful flowers and plants waiting for your discovery and appreciation. So, there comes the question: How can we remember so many flowers and plants, recalling their names and appearances correctly at least?

To facilitate and consolidate the learning, it is an essence to add some fun elements.

Various means to learn the name and appearance of flowers and plants:
1)      Read the picture dictionary.
2)      Pay frequent visit to parks that label flowers and plants.
3)      Pay frequent visit to flower shops or exhibitions that label flowers and plants.
4)      Have a field trip to take photos for a particular flower or plant. You can go alone or with some friends who are willing to help you search the target.
5)      Paint the flower or plant and write down the name of the species when you sign your work.
6)      Collect postcards, pictures and posters of flowers and plants, and use them to decorate your wall. Don’t forget to copy their name to the front side.
7)      Organize your photo collection. Let each species has an individual album or video and send it to your friends for sharing. The communication will stamp the name and appearance to your mind easier.
8)      Buy the seed and grow the flower or plant. Successful experience in gardening will provoke you to get yourself familiar with other new species.
9)      If gardening is impossible, try flowery arrangement that takes up fewer spaces. You will be aware of more species easier during the ingredient preparation.
10)  Buy flowers and plants to decorate your home. You can assign one flower vase for each species. Stick the name on the vase until you can remember the host name.

The learning will be more efficient if you can incorporate it with some fun activities and hobbies, communication and sharing with other people. Let the learning process enrich your life. A hunger of learning will appear, urging you inwardly to learn more to satisfy your appetite. The enhancing knowledge level will make you more alert to the background beauty and appreciate the Nature even better if you can name the flowers and plants effortlessly.

Take the small step to learn the flowers and plants, be able to recall their names and appearances at least, and unfold the magical impact that built up throughout.

Author’s note:

Flowers and plants can work well with animals to form wonderful sights. If you have no idea what I am talking about, click into the article below and enjoy the amusing blends.