Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 and More

Many people devote substantial time and money to sit in front of the TV with snacks and drinks to enjoy the games. Not enough? Have more fun then.

FIFA World Cup always succeeds in capturing people’s craze on this sport. Football fans and non-fans do the same thing – staring at the big monitor to absorb the excitement of the game. Family or friends gather in one’s home to share snacks and drinks together. Everyone is willing to forget the body weight for a while and indulge heavily in consuming potato chips, coke, pizza, beer… And the pleasure comes to the climax whenever a football player kicks a goal.

The businessmen also show their enthusiasm – to sell more during this exhilarating period. The shopping malls have related decorations to attract more visitors. I took eight photos at the front entrance of the Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Time for a quiz, can you name all these football players? 

Besides eye-catching decorations, many companies offer FIFA World Cup version for their products or promotional gifts to boost sales.

The bars with big TV are crowded with exciting audiences, who are generous to produce applause, joyful shouts, order and consume one drink after another.

Still want more fun? Why not invite other people to have a football match? It will be a great fun to wear the number of your favorite player, run, yell and laugh, and kick a goal in the field.

Football is a sport that requires people to move every part of their body and cooperate with others to form a beautiful attack or defense. The exercise is a universal language connecting the players and the audiences, offering people an outlet to enjoy oneself immensely in a healthy manner. Daily routine, worries and troubles all lay aside for a while. Take pleasure in sweating, energetic movement, fun and the carefree moment for you deserve all these.

Finally, any forecast on which team will be the champion? Feel free to leave an encouraging message for your favorite team. Enjoy the FIFA World cup 2014 and more if possible.

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