Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Encourage Children to Read Books

Schooling is inadequate to one’s growth. Many parents try to help their kids develop good hobbies that benefit their lifetime, for example, reading.
Reading books can cultivate one’s mind. Parents can try many methods to encourage their kids to read books and develop the habit of reading. Some options may be a little bit costly; whereas, other options could cost very little or not a penny. But one thing for sure is that parents have to be very patient in making investments (time, money and care, etc.) since the “fall in love” process may take a long time to establish, consolidate and hopefully, auto run. Continuous support to the kids will be required.

1. Buy books

Give interesting books to your kids as gifts. To save money for more books, buy at a discount sales. 2nd hand book is also money saving. If you are concerned with cleanliness, apply antiseptic on the used book (damp a piece of cloth with the liquid and wipe).

2. Borrow books

Borrow books from library and friends. Public library is an invaluable access to large number of books at nearly no cost.

3. Bring children to the library

With numerous books on various subjects and many reading kids enjoying at the spot, let your children assimilate into the reading atmosphere and explore their interest.

4. Read with kids

Adults are highly recommended leading the children who often do not know where to start. Read with kids to help them focus on the books.

5. Choose picture books

Photos, drawings and colors attract kids’ attention and stimulate their minds.

6. Choose pop-up books

Pop-up books offer good surprises and help capture kids’ attention and curiosity, or even unleash their imagination.

7. Choose interactive books

Some books offer more fun. For example, they require kids not only to read the words, but also draw and do mathematics. Some story books come along with CD so that the kids can follow the lines with someone reading to them.

8. Choose books at appropriate level

If the content is too difficult, kids lose interest easily. When children read more books, their reading ability will enhance gradually. Don’t push hard and spoil all the efforts paid.

9. Bedtime story

Arrange bedtime story to encourage kids get more involved in books for reading and listening. Promote read on request. Children will have to read books at daytime and decide which one to be read by you.

10. Chat with kids

Ask your children what books they have read and how they feel like. Let them tell you the story. If you are a good listener, kids will try reading more books so that they could have more topics to chat with you.

11. Story reading party

Arrange a party to invite kids sitting together to listen to a book reading. Let them discuss the story afterwards.

12. Book reading club

This gathering focuses on sharing what books one has read in a month, the favorite read and what it is about. Kids can have the opportunity to express their thoughts on their reading, encouraging them to take the initiatives to present what they learned or recommend a book.

If parents succeed in helping their children develop reading as a hobby, the young ones will gain more knowledge and there will be less time for bad hobbies and friends. Thus, hesitate no more but get started to inspire children do more reading and enjoying themselves with a lot of benefits.

Author’s note:

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