Friday, November 25, 2011

Exercises for Fun and Good Health

A lot of people sit too much and lack of exercises daily. Our health may be at risk. We can save our family by doing some fun exercises together.
Many parents are busy at work; whereas, their children could be sitting too much to study, for TV and video games. They seldom find time exercising in the weekdays. Lack of exercises in the long run could cause health problems. To lower the health risk, kids and adults are suggested making good use of the weekend to do some exercises together. Below are ten recommendations that could help people have fun and maintain good health simultaneously.

1. Jogging

Jog in the neighborhood, in the park, and countryside. Whenever possible, choose somewhere with beautiful sight to make this activity more enjoyable.

2. Running

Some stadiums are open to the public for days without event. Enjoy the explosive force by racing in the lanes.

Running in the beach is also a fun thing to do. Run heartily. The sand will cushion your fall.

3. Hiking

Climb the mountains and get close to the Nature for some wonderful discoveries, for example, beautiful plants, interesting animals, unique rocks and remarkable seasonal change of scenery.

4. Kite flying

Move your body and wrestle with the strong wind to have your kite flying high up in the sky.

5. Cycling

With rentals and various kinds of bicycle available, the whole family could enjoy cycling together. Adopt cycle rickshaw if any family member has balancing problem and make sure the qualified members take turn spending some time on the rider seat to exercise their body.

6. Swimming

Go to the beach for a swim in summer. As some swimming pools open all the year round, don’t make any excuse for no swimming. Create some fun by having competitions.

If you don’t know any swim style (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly), swim with a ring buoy. The most important point is to move your limbs and jump in the water because these exercises are good to one’s lung and heart in particular.

7. Dancing

There are many different kinds of dance. Simply choose a style that allows the whole family dancing together. Enjoy and follow the music to shake your body heartily.

8. Rope skipping

If you have a backyard or garden, clear some space for rope skipping. You can arrange competitions, for either individual or multi-players mode. Who is the first person to fail? Who is the best in one rope skipping? Keep jumping and have fun.

9. Basketball

You don’t need two teams of five players to have fun. Exercise by throwing the ball through the basketball hoop. Move your body aggressively to steal the ball from other’s hand.

10. Soccer

If kids are not tall enough to enjoy basketball, soccer will be a good substitute. Encourage kids to run with the ball, chase after it and try their best to kick a goal.

Pick from the aforementioned or try other sports, always play hard to fully absorb in the exercise to derive the greatest joy. Fun can always go parallel with good health if you choose well and participate in the activity wholeheartedly.

Author’s note:

Summer or winter, there are many appropriate exercises for fun and good health. Play hard to lose weight and be free from obesity and its related health risks. The articles below will give you loads of ideas on what one can do, even for rainy days at home.

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