Monday, September 3, 2012

100 Doraemon Dolls Photo Collection

A photo is worthy of a thousand words. So, let the 96 photos speak for me. They show 100 Doraemon dolls displaying at Harbour City in Hong Kong.

The event is called “The early celebration of Doraemon's birth – 100 years early!” The date of exhibition is from the 14th of August to the 16th of September, 2012.

The figures are huge, colorful and lovely. They are displaying outdoor. Doraemon fans or not, it is fun to take photos with this famous comic character. All the photos are taken by me.


There are other Doraemon displays inside Harbour City. Don’t miss the indoor ones if you can come here to see.

For readers who don’t know anything about Doraemon, you are welcome to read the following article that gives more information concerning this comic character. The additional knowledge will give you more ideas on the background and help you appreciate the variety of the displayed dolls better.

100 Doraemon Dolls in Hong Kong

Author’s note:

In the advanced society nowadays, a doll is no longer just a plaything. It could have many different roles. The following article will give you a rough idea on the several roles a doll may have.

Understanding the Roles of a Doll

Click into the link below and look at a figure doll of a popular music idol in the anime world.

The Music Idol in Macross, Lynn Minmay