Saturday, September 13, 2014

Toy Show with Chinese Lanterns

Discover toys and games good for your family in 2014 Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival. Learn how to enjoy frugality, fun and healthiness all-in-one.

The lantern carnival at Victoria Park adopts assorted themes. The creativity and freshness attract many locals and tourists to pay a visit and take photos. I would like to share with you 11 photos selected from my shoot.

Among all, I found the toy and game theme the most appealing. Have you ever played this flying chess? It is a game for one to four players, suitable for almost any age. Each game won’t take too much time. Have the family sit together, play, chat, laugh and relax.

If you want to move your limbs and have fun, why not try kicking shuttlecock?
Either in single-player mode or in multi-players mode, you can have different kinds of competition, namely who hits lose first, the maximum hit per game. Play for fun and boost your health concurrently. The game is quick to start and end. It is nearly to no cost except for the purchase of a shuttlecock.

If you own none of the above playthings, get a chalk to draw the diagram onto the ground as my photo shown. Play hopscotch by turns. This game will keep the players jumping for fun and may help kids grow taller if they play it often enough. Normally, players jump with one leg and pick things up. You can always add new rules to increase the challenging degree. 

In the hot summer, play with a water gun will be highly desirable. Set the victims running wild and yelling with delight and laughter. The space gun style looks cool, isn’t it? Be a hero and save everyone from the heat wave with giggles. You can do it!

Now, here comes the mystery. Anyone knows what it is? Maybe it’s for the infant and so I can’t remember it. Correct me if not.

Robot and fighter plane are always boy’s favorites.

Want to offer something for girls? Stuffed bear is a safe choice. Many ladies got one in their childhood. Did you keep one and give it a lovely name, maybe costume as well?

Who wants to be a prince? Let the swinging horse give you a ride to the wonderland. It never tires out and is definitely reliable to swing you throughout the happy moment.

If owing a horse is not enough, go for a train then. Pulling the colorful train behind is a common way to make merry in one’s childhood. Run and the train will go anywhere you go.

Many people enjoy playing LEGO and could come up with marvelous achievements. But before that, you may play with wooden blocks that are larger, simpler and yet more terrific. If you don’t know why it’s terrific, build a castle and imagine yourself as a prince or princess and your pet as the monster that initiates an attack. Defend your castle and rebuild it anytime, any design you like.

Fishing toy was popular in the past and they were two types: one was made of plastics similar to what you have seen in my photo. Another one was made of papers and magnets. The plastic version may be renewed to look more exquisite now.

Children need to play for a healthy growth both in body and mind. Play with your kids to build up a stronger bond with them and also let yourself recapture the merry moment in your childhood. If you missed the fun in the past, don’t let your kids have the same fate. You can do more for them and reward yourself with new fun. Put aside the daily worries and have a carefree period. You deserve it!

Play hard and be happy always. May the lantern light send my best wishes to you wherever you are!

Author’s note:

Halloween is coming. Have fun with your family with something special, something you have never done before and have a memorable fun moment. If you have no idea what you can do, read the following article for help.

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