Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Learn the Names of Flowers and Plants (Part One)

Flowers and plants are beautiful. While enjoying the sight, do you know their names? Learn from the picture dictionary and understand the benefits.

I took all the 15 photos in the 2014 Hong Kong Flower Show.  

Knowing the names or not will not affect the beauty and the life cycle of the flowers and plants, hence, you may ask, “Why should we bother to know their names?” The knowledge will do good to us in a couple of ways.

Get familiar with something could help us appreciate its existence. We incline to give the things more attention and cherish them better. We do care and this boosts the harmony between humans and the Nature. We tend to become more environmental friendly and generate more delights from the mere sight. It’s a blessing if the lively and beautiful sight can make your day.

We may go further to learn more about the flowers and plants by knowing the names and growing the appreciation. The desire of knowledge leads us digging out their facts, which are often interesting plus surprising. Clink into the link below to learn more about tulips. We can’t help feeling life is so amazing and wonderful. The touching feel is precious and inspiring. It will help us pay more respects on life and its splendid creator.

Some people may learn to grow the flowers and plants they like. It’s a good hobby that requires investment of time, money, space and care. Start small and be patient to have the progress step-by-step. Fruitful result is attainable. To bring down the cost, you can try growing flowers in plastic bottles. Click into the link below and the article will show you that this economic and go green method is definitely feasible.

If you are artistic enough, the combination of flowers and their containers could be a piece of art for interior design, making your home more unique with its stunning beauty.

When you have master gardening, you may like to extend the hobby into a business. Clink into another link for details on how to realize this dream.

Knowing the names of flowers and plants is an initiative step to open the door of a wide variety of possibilities to improve our life. This small step may bring forth something good and profitable, ranging from internal appreciation to external benefits.

Take some time to learn and be better off. In Part Two, we will discuss further on this small and yet magical step.