Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival

Duration of Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnivals is often short. Can’t come to see? Let me offer you a tour for the one held in Victoria Park, Hong Kong then.

I didn't take photos for every lantern. This year, visitors could see many lanterns of good-fortune characters, animals and Hong Kong-styled food culture. The food culture theme is particularly interesting. Thus, you will see many photos of that theme.

Visitors can quench their hunger and thirsty or buy some unique souvenir by going to the line of booths where foods, drinks, lanterns are on sales.

At one end, many visitors queued to get into a special building made of plastic bottles. With special lighting effects, the whole thing looks splendid inside and outside.

Below are the details of this Lantern Carnival.

Urban Mid-Autumn Lantern Carnival Date: September 14 - 19, 2013. Time: 8:00pm to 11:00pm. Location: Victoria Park, Hong Kong.

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone. Enjoy.

Author’s note:

Mid-autumn Festival is popular in Hong Kong. The atmosphere is strong with the aid of beautiful lanterns and delicious moon cakes. Besides the one held in Victoria Park every year, there are other Lantern Carnivals or Display available in Hong Kong. Read the following article for more details.

Add Mid-autumn Lantern Carnivals to Your Travel Plan

If you plan to visit Hong Kong, come at the times when there are celebrations. Visitors can get more unique experience from a single trip by planning well. Hope the article below will be helpful to you.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

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