Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maximize Business Opportunities

Many companies strive to get more audiences for their products and services. Learn how to use a promotional event to create business opportunities on the spot and afterwards.

Brother Love DIY this marketing and sales function lasted for three days in a famous shopping mall. I will use this event as a case study to illustrate how careful design can maximize the business opportunities in a limited time and space. All photos were taken by the author. 

Sugarcoated theme

Don't hard sell. Pick a theme that is related to your product and is appealing to the public. Brothers used arts and crafts, and DIY as the theme. This attracted media counting the event as a cultural activity and so, the organizer enjoyed free promotion, for example, event details appeared in the newspaper weekend recommendation column.

Good location

A small area in a famous shopping mall that has high visiting frequency is good enough to hold a promotional event. Book the site in the midst of the mall, at the ground floor, with all four sides accessible. The busy sight can attract the curious guests at all floors to squeeze in and learn more.

Adopt square or rectangular shape layout and fit various activities into blocks. The longer boundary, in comparison to the circular layout, maximizes the first-sight exposure. The block-setting creates a rich impression that favors longer attention lifespan and data absorption from the guests.

Attractive Display

Arrange a corner to have a splendid display. The organizer used big bears in a home-like setting to generate a lovely and warm feeling. The display soothed the resistance to the business elements involved.

The displayed items should have some relations with the products, be eye-catching and appealing enough to lure visitors take photos and spend time within the promotional area. Careful use of the size and color of the displayed items and layout can enrich the small area and generate a favorable impression. 

Appealing varieties

Brothers didn't display its sewing machines solely, but arranged joint cooperation with other non-competitive parties to offer a wide variety of DIY products to arouse interests. This could avoid being too hard sell and visitors won't get bored quickly.


Companies should encourage interactions with all visitors to leave a positive impact. One strategy is to arrange a competition that allows easy participation and information collection such as name and email address.

Brothers invited visitors to be the judge and voted for the most likable DIY clothes. Filled in a simple form, participants gave their vote and got a chance in the lucky draw.


Everyone welcomes freebies. To be selective and justify the cost, Brother set a criterion: only visitors who gave the company a “Like in Facebook could receive the bag of gifts. Response was good. There was a laptop computer open to public for this purpose. Many people were eager to meet the requirement and used their cell phones to do so. A large audience base was built in Facebook within a short period to facilitate future promotions.


Using the DIY theme, Brothers arranged two workshops in the middle: one was about using the company's product to make a bag; the other one was about making a map-pattern pendant. The activities made the event livelier and promoted DIY concept that might boost the sales of Brother's sewing machine. 

Demonstrations and sales 

Show to visitors how powerful your product is. Brothers received orders and payment from anyone who was interested in having a DIY bag with the desired words on it. The orders kept the machine running, a perfect demo that created business and income as well.

There was another counter allowing customers to decorate the DIY bags by stamping. This free value-added service didn't cost Brothers too much, but it made use of customer's creativity to highlight the potential of the DIY items and the process was appealing to other visitors.

Pack your promotional event with an appealing theme, careful layout, interesting combinations, and a lot of fun activities that provoke taking actions, from the visitors in particular, and therefore, everyone who enters your area will feel ease and spellbound. The reception of your marketing message, sales generation and future promotions will be much easier.

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