Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random Thoughts from My First Game & Watch

Have you ever played Game & Watch? It is the predecessor of Game Boy. My first Game & Watch offered me fun in the past and some random thoughts now.

Developments of Game & Watch

Before showing you my first Game & Watch, let me give you some background information. From 1980 to 1991, Nintendo released Game & Watch which was a line of handheld electronic games. The first game is Ball. It is released on the 28th of April, 1980. The series have many games released in different versions as below:

Silver (1980)
Gold (1981)
Multi Screen (1982–1989)Tabletop (1983)
Panorama (1983–1984)
New Wide Screen (1982–1991)
Super Color (1984)
Micro Vs. System (1984)
Crystal Screen (1986)
Mini Classics (1998)

Characteristics of Game & Watch

The handheld electronics game is small and portable. The display, controls and speaker are all in one unit. Each unit got one game inside.

My first Game & Watch

(Image from

It was Parachute, released on the 19th of July, 1981. The player presses left and right buttons to steer the boat so that every parachute can land on it. If the parachute falls into the sea, a life will be lost.

My random thoughts

1.  Technology advanced in a staggering speed. My first Game & Watch may be too easy for the children nowadays. They may find it boring within a short period of time.

2.  Do children nowadays feel happier with the more advanced games?
3.  In the past, we did not hear over-addictive cases that caused tragedy. Whereas, fatal cases can be seen in the news nowadays. The technology advancement is a friend or a fiend to humans?

4.  Nowadays, when we give our children a game as the gift, maybe we have to give them something more at the same time. For example, teaching the children to apply self-control to suppress over-addiction if there is any.

5.  It is costly to buy the advanced games. Raising a child needs more money now.

If you have any old memories and / or random thoughts from gaming, welcome to share with me.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Niche Marketing: Enter Market with a Franchise

(One of the ceiling)

Niche marketing helps business stay focused to the specific target markets. To offer unique products and services, you can seek help from a franchise.

According to Wikipedia, “Franchising, a business method that involves licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business……” Charlie Brown Café is a good example.

(Charlie Brown Café)

With licensing of trademarks, Peanuts characters are all over the interior design, furniture, foods and drinks.

(Cakes showing Lucy)

From the world famous comic strip, Peanuts characters are recognizable and adorable. Enter the market with such a license is a shortcut to gain attention. Travel books will not miss Charlie Brown Café. This is a free and effective promotion.

Being a place comfortable to relax, eat and drink, chat and have gathering is not enough. Using Peanuts characters as a gimmick help Charlie Brown Café competes against other similar business entities, such as Starbucks Coffee, Pacific Coffee Company.

(Interior Design)

Franchising add value to Charlie Brown Café. Prices can be set higher without the worry of losing customers.

Charlie Brown Café can be found in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asia countries. My photos are showing the Charlie Brown Café in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

(Charlie Brown on the floor)

In Hong Kong, there are other restaurants applying niche marketing. There are pros and cons for each of them. Read the articles below for details.

Modern Toilet goes to an extreme by adopting bathroom-theme.

Choco Cat Café adopts cat-theme and uses real cats to attract customers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Datebook of Life: Schedules, Expenses and Diary

Diary records life events, whereas, planner records schedules and expenses. Which one are you using? I use datebooks for a three-in-one recording.

Records in the small datebook include appointments and gatherings, payment deadlines of different services, ATM withdrawal records, ideas and feelings.

For the large datebook, records include the daily schedule divided into three sections (morning, afternoon and evening), the shopping list, the purchased list and the amount, book list I finished, something about my dreams, ideas and feelings.

In both datebooks, I put a tick for those completed on time, a half-tick for the unfinished tasks, and a cross for the failed ones.

The two datebooks benefit me in seven ways:
1.  Force me spending some time to think what should be done and what should be ignored.
2.  Offer a full picture to help me better prepared.
3.  Serve as a checklist to monitor the progress.
4.  Force me to be realistic in future planning and adjustment.
5.  Offer data to evaluate how to manage time more effectively.
6.  Save money due to no penalty on payment delay and unwise shopping.
7.  No stress on keeping an individual diary to highlight how routine my life is.

Keep all the datebooks and take them out for a look after several years, you will find them very entertaining.

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Movie Postcards

Will you keep collectibles for your favorite movies? If so, you have a lot of choices. My collection focuses on movie postcards. Let me tell you why.

Many movie collectibles are available in the market, such as posters, postcards, trading cards, music CDs, toys, household commodities, school accessories and different promotional items. Animated films and characters got even a wider variety of collectibles. A child's bedroom could be decorated with all Toy Story collectibles from bed sheet to school bag.

Possessing a wide range of collectibles could be fun, but it would be very costly. Waste may incur when one day you find yourself losing interest in a particular movie due to change of taste. Hence, I prefer to be more modest and prudent in my collection, mainly focus on movie postcards due to a couple of benefits.

1)    Easy to attain.
2)    Affordable.
3)    Less inexpensive overall if you can restrict to postcard collection only.
4)    The image kindles good feelings.
5)    Easy to store, display and carry because of its small size and light weight.
6)    Easy cleaning. Apply a poly bag to each postcard to keep it away from dust.
7)    Multiple uses are available as stated in three paragraphs below.

We can use the postcard like a photo and frame it on the wall. Feel free to write your personal notes on the rear side to keep record of your feelings and emotions at a particular moment. It is always amusing to read your own wordings a few years later.

Movie postcards can serve as a big bookmark. You can jot down your heartwarming message and mail the postcard to your beloved. Some people send the postcards back to themselves for the purpose of stamp collection as well.

If one day you have no more interest to a particular movie, you can cash the related postcards for money or trade with someone for other commodities. By the time I die, all postcards can go recycling if nobody wants to keep them.

I took the photo in this article and the corresponding movies are When a Man Loves a Woman, City of Angels, The Professional, Sleepless in Seattle and Titanic.

Do you collect movie postcards? Or focus on some other movie collectibles? Welcome to leave a message sharing the passion of your collection to all of us.

Author’s note:

I love watching movie but I haven’t developed the habit of writing review. I wrote other movie related topics instead.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Handmade Bead Four-Leaf Clover

Have you ever found a four-leaf clover? The plant stands for good luck. It'll be a wonderful gift to your beloved. See what options you can offer.

Four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved clover. Finding a four-leaf clover is considered a good omen. Do you know the meaning of each leaf?

The four-leaf clover denotes four good qualities.

1st leaf: Hope
2nd leaf: Faith
3rd leaf: Love
4th leaf: Luck

As four-leaf clover is rarely seen and it's impossible for me to send you the real plant, I decided to share with my readers a handmade one by posting its photo. Hope the bead four-leaf clover will bring you good luck.

A bead four-leaf clover will be a heartwarming gift to your beloved. Conveying good wishes, the beaded one lasts longer and can be prepared at a lower cost in terms of time and money. The one shown in the photo is good for home decoration, appropriate for all ages and genders.

For ladies, bead jewelry is also desirable. A smaller and simpler version of four-leaf clover can be made in the form of pendant, ring and earring.

The simplest bead offer can be done easily by outlining the shape of a four-leaf clover and gluing the pattern with green beads to form a unique handmade card.

Whatever bead option you offer, people are always happy to receive a four-leaf clover.

Author's note:

Bead jewelry is easy to make and can serve as a wonderful handmade gift, often well-received due to its uniqueness. If you want to make some for your own use or for others, you can learn more about the benefits of DIY and how to make the basic rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings from the two articles below. 

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Monday, January 3, 2011

How to DIY your Own Calendar

Want a personal calendar? You can do it yourself. Read on to learn why and how. The DIY kits are MS Excel, a photo, Ms Paint and a printer (optional).

The benefits of DIY a calendar

1)    Use the image you like

In the demonstration below, I used my photo taken in a department store. Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma are lovely, aren’t they?

You can use your photos, drawings and so on to fill up the image section.

2)    Simple to make

The DIY kits are easy to attain. The steps are simple. It won’t take too much time to establish a template and create the first calendar. The template is reusable and many different versions can be made at a shorter time.

3)    Heart-warming gift

You can offer a unique calendar to precious people according to each one’s taste. This gift is inexpensive but heart-warming. Save in JPEG format and send the tailor-made calendar by email, the receivers will get it quickly.

Simple DIY Steps:

1. Choose a photo.
2. Open MS Excel.
3. Set page layout (vertical).
4. Set margin of the page (Top and bottom: 1 cm each. Left and Right: 1.5 cm each. Page top and page end: 0.5 cm)
5. Set width of each column (2.25, from column A to AE)
6. Add ‘Year 2011 Calendar’ at the top.
7. Start from line 24, column A to G, input the January calendar.
8. Do not input “1, 2, 3, 4…” for this is too time-consuming. Use formula instead. Type ‘=+F26+1’ at G26 for 1, ‘=+G26+1’ at A27 for 2, ‘=+A27+1’ at B27 for 3. After three to four inputs, copy and paste the formula until the 31st.
9. Once January completed, copy and paste the whole month to February.
10. Delete 1, 2, and 3, and see what will happen. Tuesday starts with 1. The rest of the days change automatically.
11. February, 2011 has 28 days only. So, delete 29, 30 and 31.
12. Copy and paste, delete and add to make each month appearing correctly.
13. Mark the public holidays in different colors as you wish. (The demo calendar has Sundays marked in red).
14. Add the photo.
15. Save file. The Excel file is reusable in the future after a few modifications.
16. Before closing the Excel file, highlight the whole calendar (A1 to AE49), copy and paste it to MS Paint.
17. Save the calendar in JPEG format.
18. Preview before printing to see if adjustments are required.

The demo calendar is a yearly one. You can make a monthly calendar if you wish. Personalize the calendar for your own use or give it to your beloved. The DIY is simple and the product can serve as a nice gift. Welcome to give it a try.

Author’s note:

Ms Excel and Ms Paint are the computer software used in this DIY project. There is other powerful software or apps to make your life easier. 

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