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Niche Marketing: Enter Market with a Franchise

(Appealing Ceiling)

Under keen market competitions, new entries strive hard to get a market share and stay survived. To secure a business easier, franchise can help you. 
According to Wikipedia,“Franchising, a business method that involves licensing of trademarks and methods of doing business…”This article will show you an appealing example, Charlie Brown Café.

(Peanuts Characters everywhere)

The benefits of entering market with a franchise:

1)    Speedy recognition and sales:

Franchise involves famous brands. Fans become the potential customers immediately. People who are neutral to the brand will also give the new entity a try for the sake of gimmick.

2)    Lower promotion cost:

It costs a lot for an individual entity to promote and be outstanding when there are so many other similar choices in the market. With a franchise, joint promotion is often done, in a large scale, benefiting all corresponding branches. The promotion cost is shared and minimized. Sometimes, the trademark is so remarkable that free promotion can be entitled as travel books, blogs and word-of-mouth spread the merits and drew in customers. 

3)    Successful formula:

The methods of doing the business are standardized. Following the procedures, people can learn to be a successful boss or manager easier with fewer trials and errors. Many things come in handy, for example, the inventory, the style of the shop, the products and so on.

4)    Niche marketing:
When the products and services are similar, the specialty of a trademark offer favorable uniqueness, which can secure the business to the category of niche marketing, adding competitive advantages to strengthen the survival of a business entity. 

5)    Higher price acceptable:

If the trademark is adorable enough, price of the products and services can be set higher without the fear of losing customers. Satisfactory experience will enhance customer loyalty in a larger degree.

(Cakes showing Lucy)

 Click into the link and see the photo of A Lovely Charlie Brown Coffee.

Gimmicks of Charlie Brown Café

1)    With the licensing of the trademarks, you will find Peanuts characters all over, from the interior design, furniture to foods and drinks. Many people will find the layout and products eye-catching, friendly and adorable. Warm feeling could be generated when the customers enjoy reading Peanuts comic scripts and know the characters well. With the expectation of fun, people are likely to give it a try no matter you are a fan or not.

2)    Charlie Brown café is spacious, comfortable and relaxing for people sitting together to eat, drink, chat, read magazines or books and use one’s gadget. It’s a good place for gathering and having fun. Due to the lovely characters, parent will find it more helpful than other similar options such as Starbucks Coffee and Pacific Coffee Company as their children will enjoy the environment far better.

(Friendly and relaxing environment)

Charlie Brown Café can be found in Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asia countries. My photos are showing the Charlie Brown Café in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong.

(Charlie Brown on the floor)

Author’s note:

Charlie Brown Café is never the only restaurant that applies niche marketing. Let me give you two more outstanding examples. Due to the nature of the gimmicks, the given examples have their own pros and cons.

1st example: Modern Toilet (The chain restaurants adopt bathroom theme.) Welcome to clink into the two articles below for more details. Just a reminder, do this before the meal.

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2nd example: Choco Cat Café (The restaurant adopts cat theme. Real cats are used to attract customers.)

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