Sunday, July 8, 2012

13 Uses of Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tape is common and inexpensive. Besides sticking, it has other helpful uses people often overlook. Let’s discover the amazing potentials.

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1. Stick things together

The most basic function of the adhesive tape is to stick things together. This facilitates easy carrying, fixing some broken pieces, and enlarging the size (e.g. a few pieces of paper into one large piece) for more appropriate use.

2. Seal packaging and packing

Adhesive tapes have various sizes to seal different packaging and packing such as carton box, envelop, gift and an opened bag of potato clips. It holds and protects the content either in the transport or seating still. No spill out and harmful things in, for example, ants and cockroaches.

3. Decorate

Some adhesive tapes have colorful patterns imprinted on them for decoration as well. People can also use the transparent ones for indirect decoration such as sticking a poster on the wall.

4. Replace vacuum cleaner for computer

To pick up dust and the hidden dirt, have the sticky side of adhesive tape sliding at the margins on the keyboard.

5. Replace a bloom

If you don’t have a bloom, adhesive tapes could be a substitute for cleaning and sometimes, it does a better job due to the nature of the substance, for example, the blowing dust (flour, baby powder) or items like hairs and broken glass that will mess with the bloom undesirably. Strong adhesive tape will pick up all the unwanted items for easy and swift disposal.

6. Clean clothes

Scalp and dust stick on clothes easily. When the garment can’t be washed daily, we can apply adhesive tape for a quick cleaning.

7. Shut one's mouth

Use strong adhesive tape to keep one’s mouth shut, to forbid talking, eating and biting others or one’s own tongue.

8. Tie things

Strong adhesive tape could replace rope to immobilize people by fixing them on a chair and tying their limbs.

9. Protect surface

Adding a transparent tape on top of a paper label, the label can be more durable. We can sweep the surface with a damp cloth.

10. Clear insects

Some tiny insects (fleas) may stay on your walls. This often happens for humid place and season. It's creepy or annoying to have these tiny creatures even though they won't bite us. Don't squeeze them to death because this will leave odor and attract the same kind. Sweep gently with the adhesive tape to have the tiny insects stuck for disposal.

11. Trap insects

If you hate flies and other insects getting in and buzzing around but don’t have a screen window, make a simple trap then. Prepare two solid and long stands, as long as the vertical edge of the window, and cover the space in between with the sticky side of the adhesive tapes face inward and outward alternatively. Hang the trap to cover the window. Punch tiny holes on the tapes to let air in. Hopefully, insects will be all trapped for disposal.

12. Have fun

Stick a drawing on one's back with adhesive tape.

13. Bring pain

Sometimes, physical pain is required, for example, to stay awake. Apply adhesive tape on the skin and pull. Ouch! It hurts indeed.

Some suggestions may sound malicious, but they can be life-saving. Be creative to discover new uses. Putting adhesive tapes into good use, it could ease our life at an insignificant cost.

Author’s note:

Discover new uses for an item, we can get more benefits and save money. Let me give you two examples.

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