Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Beauty of Jellyfish (with Some Interesting Facts)

Is Jellyfish transparent in color? This question stole into my mind when I saw the same group of jellyfish picking various colors. Enjoy the fantasy.

I took all jellyfish photos at Sea Jelly Spectacular in the Ocean Park Hong Kong. The five photos below have the same protagonists, freshwater jellyfish, which are small in size and colorless.

Not all jellyfish are colorless. For example, the purple jellyfish (scientific name is Pelagia noctiluca) vary in colors worldwide. The colors can be pink, mauve, golden yellow and tan.

Jellyfish have many different species and are found in the ocean worldwide, from the surface to the deep sea. There are other interesting facts about jellyfish worthy to receive our attention.

1) Jellyfish are one of the world’s most ancient animals, exist at least for 500 million years or even longer, say 700 million years. 

2) Sizes vary from a few millimeters to over two meters.  

3) Some species can sting, whereas, some cannot.

4) Box jellyfish have deadly poison that can kill a human in 30 seconds.

5) Lifespan vary typically from a few hours to several months. However, there are unusual species reported. Turritopsis nutricula, another name is the immortal jellyfish, can revert to the polyp stage after becoming sexually mature. This reverting ability can go on non-stop if there is no interruption on the life cycle and hence, the lifespan of the immortal jellyfish becomes a mystery. Turritopsis nutricula is an object of study because it may hold the key to human immortality.

Jellyfish looks simple, with the bell, jelly-like bodies and tentacles. This marine life moves by squeezing water out from beneath its body, and sinking happens when there is no squeezing. Jellyfish in the aquarium look so fascinating that it is the living proof of the beauty of Nature.

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