Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Beauty of Tulips (with Some Interesting Facts)

Tulips have various colors such as orange, white, red, yellow, pink and deep purple. Enjoy the tulips photos I took in a flower show held recently.

The beauty of tulips attracts many viewers and photographers. Other than the beauty, there are some interesting facts about tulips worthy to receive our attention.

1. Do you know where Holland gets the first tulips bulbs? The first tulips came from China and were grown in the famous flower garden in Leiden in Holland, set up by Carolus Clusius in the late 1500s. Tulip cultivation began since then. And Holland is the most famous tulip-growing and exporting country nowadays.

2. There are over 100 species for tulips.

3. Each tulip has four major parts (from top to bottom): flower part, stem, leaves and bulb.

4. Tulips are grown in the wild, in gardens and pots. They are also popular cut flowers.

5. Tulips bloom from bulbs that have layers because they are made of leaf parts.

6. Tulips belong to the monocot group and this means only a single leaf sprouted from their seeds.

7. Most tulips have a single bloom at the end of each stem.

8. Tulips have few leaves, usually two to six only.

9. Tulips are perennial flowers. They can bloom for many years and flower in spring. When winter approaches, all other parts die, leaving the bulbs alive underground to store food.

10. Holland began its cut flower trade with tulips in 1600s. The cut tulips are sent by air and keep chilled during the transport so that they can arrive fresh.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Save Money by Wearing a Scarf in 25 Ways

A colorful scarf can make people look stylish. And learning how to wear it in 25 ways, you can save money in creating varieties for clothes matching.
Scarf offers special warmth and decoration to the neck. When you are indoors and feeling hot, take the scarf off is easy. And changing look can be done within a couple of seconds if you are a skillful wearer.

Scarf can be in different plain colors, with various patterns, and in assorted colors. Some people like to buy or knit the scarf with one whole color block following another one. With different wearing methods shown in the YouTube video, the wearer may be able to switch colors for matching well with the clothes every time with the same scarf.

Even a plain colored scarf will look wonderful if you can wear it in different ways. Keep trying, be skillful and let the scarf work its magic on your look.

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