Thursday, February 23, 2012

Awesome Chocolate Exhibitions

Many people like eating chocolate. We can enjoy different kinds of favors and degree of sweetness. It is more than something to be put into our mouth. With creativity, chocolate is a good ingredient for arts and crafts. The visual impact can be awesome. Let’s take a look at some stunning examples. All photos were taken by the author.

Time: February 2011
Venue: Harbour City

Chocolate Manneken Pis
(Doesn’t he look like the one in Belgium?
He looks naughtier and fatter. LOL.)

(Not eating, but wearing it. Ladies, are you dare to give it a try?)

(Men may like to buy one for their women to wear on Valentine’s Day.)

Time: 1-19/2/2012
Venue: Gallery by the Harbour, Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre.
Theme: Chocoholic’s Surreal World Art Exhibition



The trunk of a tree

Huge bird cage (This is the largest chocolate artwork in the exhibition.
Decorated by Chocolate butterflies,
the cage is big enough for visitors to stand inside and take photos.)




A weird clock

All these huge chocolates artworks were exhibited at different periods in Harbour City or Ocean Centre, Tsim Sha Tsui. When you visit Hong Kong, don’t forget to check these places see if there is any new exhibition available.

If you are interested in making your own chocolate artworks, start with the mini size. What you need to learn is molding. Master the skill and you can mold chocolate into creative shapes. The finished product is unique and will be a wonderful gift to others.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lantern Carnival in 2012

This year the Lantern Festival falls on the 6th of February. There are many Chinese style big lanterns in display. Hope you enjoy seeing my photos.

Every year there is a big lantern carnival at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong to celebrate the Lantern Festival. It is the Chinese Valentine’s Day. The default location is behind the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. This time the displayed area is even larger, covering Sausbury Garden as well.

The lantern carnival adopts a new theme every time and the Chinese Zodiac for 2012. Visitors will see big lanterns of the 12 representatives in the Chinese Zodiac. The photo sharing is arranged according to the standard sequence – begins with rat and ends with pig.

1.      Rat

2.      Ox

3.      Tiger

4.      Rabbit

5.      Dragon (2012 is the year of Dragon. Its lantern is the biggest.
Pity that I failed to capture the whole lantern in one picture.)

6.      Snake

7.      Horse

8.      Goat

9.      Monkey

10.  Rooster

11.  Dog

12.  Pig

Besides the Chinese Zodiac lanterns, you will see other big lanterns with characters symbolizing wealth and good fortune.

Fish (Its Chinese pronunciation is the same as the Chinese word “surplus”.
Thus, people will bless one another to have “surplus every year”.)

The God of Wealth

The Chinese believe that seeing peacock with its wing fully opened will bring forth good luck.

Wish every reader has a prosperous year of Dragon and a happy Valentine’s Day.

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