Saturday, October 29, 2011

Friendship Poem: Know What Friends are for

Know what friends are for, we could build and maintain true friendship circumspectly, and benefit a lot from this invaluable treasure in our lifetime.

Hello, do you have at least one good friend?
Use this checklist for your picking, will you?
Let’s inspire each other the latest trend.
Share news and thoughts, sincere to do.

Dry tears with consolation, love will do.
Offer helps on time to stop any sharp fall.
Never mean, but kind advice is for you.
Mirror one’s image often without call.

Good influences keep flooding in, expected.
Exchange good things to multiply more.
Betrayal is far from reach, neglected.
Willing supports stand by to drive off sore.

Friends start with bronze, be silver and then gold.
May friendships bloom well and will always hold!

Author’s note:

I enjoy writing poetry, which is a good way to share one’s ideas in a few words – for me, usually 14 lines, at around a hundred words. I have written poems on different topics. Some are quite funny or weird. Below is a list for fun reading. Enjoy yourself.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Examine and Reuse Rubbish

Humans create large volume of rubbish daily. If we examine carefully and use our creativity, we can save many items from disposal by doing DIY work. 

Examples of reused items:

1. The core of toilet paper

(Source and photo: from a newspaper dated September 19, 2011)

We often throw away the core without a thought. However, Junior Jacquet applied his craftsmanship and gave each core a unique face. The core has a new life after the transform. The faces are so interesting that it will be a fun to collect and hang them on a black wall. Cool decoration, isn’t it?

2. Soup can

(Source and photo from Crafty Kids summer 2000 issue)

The soup can is an ideal container for holding stationery (pencils, pens, and rulers), tableware (spoons, forks, and knives), and artificial flowers. What we need to do is clean it thoroughly and decorate the surface. Use your creativity and turn each soup can to an animal. Why not liven up your living area or workplace with some colors and amusing looks? 

3. Milk or Juice carton

(Source and photo from Looney Tunes Crafty Kids January / February 2001 issue)

The carton is always disposed shortly, but with thorough cleaning, painting, cutting, sticking and gluing, it can become a lovely house for your letters, candies or serve as a piggy bank. Convert it to a treasury box or a decorative item in your room. You can also share your arts and crafts with others by transforming the carton into an appealing gift box.

Apply our creativity on the excessive items or residue, we can give many things a longer lifespan, enjoy usage of unique items, save money from buying new items, reduce refuse and be more environmental friendly. With so many benefits, let us take the initiative to run as many DIY projects as we can.

Through sharing your DIY achievements with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, you may inspire them to start their own DIY projects. More participation will brighten our days and leave a better world, in terms of environment and resources, to our future generations.

Author’s note:

If you have no talents in arts and crafts, you can still participate in some other projects to make your contribution to the world. The two articles below will give you some ideas on what we can do. We can go green and even have fun at the same time by adopting some new and simple habits.

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