Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mind your Characters and Take Care of your Money

(Money bank)

Some people have certain kinds of traits in their characters that make money leave the wallets easily. Understand and watch out – don’t be the victim.

1. Too optimistic

These people spend money and enjoy first. Even without a job, they won’t adjust their expenditure. The common excuse is to decompress oneself. When they used all their money, the stresses score even higher, and sometimes enough to paralyze them from doing anything, but to become a dependent since then.

2. Too demanding

These people will only consider famous brand names for everything. The absolute faith becomes a problem when one’s income and wealth cannot afford it. They will use credit card frequently. Any failures to switch to no brands and clear the debt on time lead those people in financial difficulties that may last for years.

3. Too capricious

These people will keep pursuing the latest model of mobile phone, digital camera, computer and branded handbag, etc. An expensive item may be used one or two times, or a month and resold at a low price. Frequent changes drain money away from one’s wallet continuously and those people can be so used to the changes that they become insensitive to any loss.

4. Too generous or too casual

These people do not think or check carefully before purchase. They often buy things at a higher price. When the purchased item is of no or little use, they simply put it aside or give it away as gift. However, when the item is an expensive one – house for example, let it seated idle or be a gift won’t work. The circumstance is even worse if the item need an expensive fix before it can be self-used or for resale.

5. Too greedy

These people cannot resist low prices. They will buy things crazily in discount sales and the result is excesses. The cost of handling many unused items is an additional loss that they need to suffer due to their greed.

Ask yourself whether you have any of these traits in your character. If the answer is “yes”, take some preventive measures to check the traits working on you. Freeze your money and set rules are the two basic strategies to call off the desire to buy.

Freeze your money and keep telling yourself that there is no extra money to entertain a purchase. For details on how to freeze your money, please refer to my article, Use Credit Card Wisely and Leave No Debt.

Set rules are important because this preventive measure gives people guideline. It is a positive act to let reasons rather than passions rule the money issue. You can set different rules such as on the monthly expenditure, only buy new when the old one is broken, and no purchases in discount sales if you have already had the item, etc.

Of course freeze your money and set rules won’t work if you don’t identify the problem and are not determined enough to make changes. Hope you succeed in suppressing the unfavorable traits in your character and be able to keep more money in your wallet.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Stop Being a Looker-on

Many people would like to know how to be happy. The older we are, the more difficult to have this feeling. Take a look at dogs may provide an answer.

It’s a beautiful day with blue sky. Sai Kung, a famous suburb of Hong Kong was full of tourists and local people. As a visitor, I expected to spend a relaxing afternoon there. Strolling along the waterfront, people crowded some thresholds whose downstairs lead into the sea.

What made people stop and watch, as if they were spell-bounded? The charm came from human’s loyal little friends – dogs. Many dogs couldn’t resist the temptation to jump into the sea and have a good swim. They kept their masters waiting at the thresholds and watched them having fun. Their spontaneous excitement, harmless naughtiness and heartily enjoyment formed a lovely sight that gained a large audience.

Not knowing how to swim, I sat on the breakwater and had some snapshots of these hedonists.

The lively sight and the photo-taking gave me a great pleasure. Down and up, all dogs were enjoying themselves. When I looked at the audience, humans were duller. It’s sad to realize that many people were just a looker-on in the pleasure matter, as if there were no rooms for them to enjoy equally. What’s wrong with us?

Daily life is full of complexity and challenges or problems, whatever you call them. Maybe we are too tired and often overlook the fact that pleasure is not far and unobtainable as we think. Yes, we can spot beautiful things and occasions in our journey of life, but the enjoyment is limited if we were a looker-on only. Maybe we should learn from dogs to take active participation and live as many happy moments as we can.

Knew your secret on how to be happy, next time I will fly my kite high up in the sky instead of just watching you – good dogs.

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