Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How to Encourage Children to Read Books

Offering basic needs, comfort and safety, parents should also help kids develop some good hobbies that benefit them lifetime – reading for example.

There are many ways to encourage children reading books. Some of them cost very little. However, parents have to be very patient since the “fall in love” process may take a long time. Continuous support will be required.

1.      Buy books.

Buy at a discount sales. 2nd hand book is also fine. If cleanliness is your concern, look for children’s book with coating on each page. You can clean the book by wiping with a damp cloth before giving it to your children.

2.      Borrow books.

Borrow books from library and friends. The former one is the best way to expose children to the largest number of books at nearly no cost.

3.      Bring children to the library.

There are books at different subjects and many kids are reading. Let your kids assimilate into this reading atmosphere. Explore their interest.

4.      Read with kids.

Adults should lead the children who often do not know where to start. Read with kids to help them focus on the books.

5.      Choose picture books.

Colors attract kids’ attention and stimulate their minds.

6.      Choose pop-up books.

Pop-up books offer good surprises and are particularly good to children who can be simply attracted by colors.

7.      Choose interactive books.

Some books required kids not only to read the words, but also draw and do mathematics. Have someone read to the elder children in form of CD with book available to follow the reading.

8.      Choose books at appropriate age.

When the content is too difficult, kids lose interest easily. The reading ability will gradually be enhanced when children read more books. There is no need to rush.

9.      Bedtime story.

The bedtime story reading can encourage kids read books. Read on request. Children will have to read books at daytime and decide which one to be read by you.

10.  Chat with kids.

Ask your children what books they have read and how they feel like. Let them tell you the story. If you are a good listener, kids will try reading more books so that they have more topics to chat with you.

If parents can get their children to develop reading as a hobby, the latter one will gain more knowledge and there will be less time for bad hobbies and friends. Hence, no more delay. Start encouraging kids to read books and enjoy.

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