Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Slow Down Books from Turning Yellow

It is a pain to see my literature books growing old. I searched methods to stop them from turning yellow and in vain. Tips are for slow down only.

The four books in the photo have been in my drawers for over 20 years. They introduced me to the world of literature. The rim and the inner pages are inevitably turned yellow. However, the deterioration does not affect reading and I hope these books can continue to be a companion for the rest of my life. In other words, they still have many years to go before retirement.

As I have said, the tips I found can only help slow down books from turning yellow. Well, it’s better than none.

1.      Apply wrap sheets to any new books the soonest.
2.      Put the books in PP clear bags and seal tight when they are not read. Keeps books away from oxidation as much as possible.
3.      Sandpaper the rim that turned yellow.
4.      Keep the books away from sunlight.
5.      Store books in cool place.
6.      Use silica gel carefully to remove excessive humidity.

The newcomers are supposed to stay away from turning yellow longer because the technology of paper making has been improved as time goes by.

If you have any other ideas to slow down books from turning yellow, please leave a message sharing with us. Thanks in advance.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

How to use orange peel to improve our living quality?

Many people enjoy eating orange and drinking its juice. We can also use orange peel in many ways to improve our living quality before its disposal.

(Image from Google search)

1.      Generate a smile

Use a marker pen and start drawing on the orange. This will not affect eating and drinking, but the effort will make one’s day. The peel can be reused in some other ways.

2.      Get rid of the odor in the microwave oven

Put the orange peels into the microwave oven, cook with low heat for five minutes.

3.      Expel bad odor, mosquito and fly

Burn some air-dried peel. The scent can expel the bad odor indoors, mosquito and fly. It also has relaxing function.

4.      Provoke sleep

Make a scent bag that fills with orange peel and put it next to your pillow.

5.      Facilitate furniture upkeep

Boil the orange peel with water. Dip a wiper into the cool down water. Squeeze out water and start wiping.

6.      Use in bathing

Air-dry the peel for one week, then store in an airtight container to avoid damp. Get some peel, put them into old silk socks and dip the whole pack into the bathing water. This helps retain skin moisture and tenderness.

7.      For drinking

Clean the fresh orange peel and boil with water for 15 minutes, then drink it. This drink helps soften the blood vessels and lower cholesterol levels. Drink before meal, it can increase one’s appetite.

8.      Use in serving food

You can die cut the orange peel into different shapes to decorate a dish. Or use the peel as a stencil after a die cut to mold the hot chocolate, strawberry sauce in lovely shape on a dish. Or make the orange peel into a basket to contain food.

(Image from Google Search)

I learned most of the tips from friends who read different books and surf the web. Trust there are some other uses not covered yet. If so, welcome to leave a message and share with us. While we enjoy eating orange and drinking its juice, let us make the best use of orange peel to improve our living quality as well.

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