Saturday, April 23, 2011

Childhood Memory: A Heartbroken Night

(Miss Irons’ photo that was taken by the author, LCM Linda)

It’s a full moon night. A father and his seven years old son are seating at the balcony. They are engaging in their men’s talk every night.

Son: Dad, how do you win mom’s heart?

Dad: Oh! That’s easy. I plucked her the full moon.

Son: Liar. It’s up there. (Son points his finger to the sky.)

Dad: Ha-ha. You go down to the garden and wait for me. I will show you how.

Son is standing in the garden. Father comes with a basin of water.

Dad: Son, look at the basin, do you see the moon now?

Son: I see. (Son knits his brows in deep thought. Then, tears come down.)

Dad: What’s wrong?

Son: I can never win her heart now. (More tears come down.)

Dad: Why?

Son: I cannot come out with her at night. (Tears are all over his face.)

Dad: Ha-ha. Don’t worry, my son. I have an idea. Wait for me.

Father comes back with a digital camera and takes a photo on the basin. Both go back to the house and have the photo printed out.

Holding the photo, son goes to his mother that is in the sitting room.

Son: Mom, give you a tall building or a full moon, which one do you want?

Mom: Of course, the tall building. Why ask?

Son cries out loudly. Father rushes down to see what has happened. Both parents are puzzled.

Dad: What’s wrong now?

Son: I can never win her heart.

Dad: Why?

Son: Her boyfriend gave her a tall building and she agreed to marry him.

Dad: She has a boyfriend? Marry him? Son, who is she?

Son: Miss Irons.

Mom laughs out shortly, leaving father perplexed.

Miss Irons is the head teacher of the class and she missed a photo in her visit. Mom and son found the photo. Overheard the conversation between mom and Miss Irons over the phone, son knew the coming marriage…….

Son cries so wholeheartedly that he eventually falls asleep. The basin photo records son’s first love disappointment, a childhood memory that the family cherishes.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play with kids: Surfing the Web Creatively

Feeling annoyed to have kids behind when surfing the web? They are curious and want to take part. If so, play with kids creatively. Steps are easy.

(Smiling dog, image from Google Search)
What do think about my teeth?

Kids can be influenced by the media easily. Strict monitoring and blocking NSFW web sites are essential to protect kids. Many parents do not give their children access to the Internet. When parents are surfing the web, kids will become curious and peek at the monitor. Not only you do not feel comfortable, but also it is risky for kids to pick up negative messages. To stop the peek, invite kids to surf the web creatively with you for a while.

How to surf the web creatively?

There are a few steps, not difficult, but important to follow strictly.

1.  Parents should have full control over the keyboard and mouse.
2.   Internet must be connected before kids seating next to you. Never type the account name and password in front of them.
3.   Let the search engine be the start off screen.
4.   Use safe keywords to search with kids. For example, “funny dog”, “cute cat”.
5.    Screen the search result quickly see if there are any inappropriate contents. Change screen to get rid of NSFW result.
6.    Enjoy the search result with your kids by smiling, laughing, sharing thoughts together.
7.    Print some photos and ask your children to create funny dialogues for each image. Kids will be busy and away from the computer for a while.
8.    When kids finish creating funny dialogues, increase the difficulty level by asking them to link up all images and create a story.
9.    Encourage kids refer to the textbooks, story books for inspiration and facts during the creation. This will enhance their knowledge spontaneously.
10.Comment on the work and praise kids for their efforts.

The activity aims to satisfy curiosity, offer fun and guidance, provoke creativity and communications between parents and the children. Hope all of you enjoy this win-win solution.

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