Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Wake Up On Time

Wake up on time is the key to be punctual to work, study and support to your family. It’s difficult, but doable if we adopt some efficient methods.
(Sailor Moon Alarm Clock)

To ensure waking up on time, we can work on four aspects: self-help, help from others, psychological boost and problem solving. Adopt relevant methods regardless the number, but make sure to cultivate your self-discipline as well, lest you don’t leave the bed quick enough but fall back to sleep again.


1)    Go to bed earlier and have enough sleep such as seven to eight hours in general.
2)    Assign a specific time to bed and wake up, and stick to the schedule in a regular basis. This habit could set the biological clock within you.
3)    Have good quality sleep. In other words, do whatever you can to minimize the disruption of a night’s sleep. For example, control the water intake to minimize the toilet visit.
4)    Relax rather than getting excited before going to bed. For example, shut down the TV and computer, don’t chat with your cell phone, listen to gentle music, and stop thinking about the daily worries.
5)    Use a noisy alarm clock.
6)    Use the alarm clock function in your cell phone as well. Loud music or song is highly recommended.
7)    Have birds as pet. Pick those that will sing in the early morning.
8)    Train your dog to jump onto your bed and lick you vigorously until you wake up.
9)    Do to see the doctor if you have chronic sleep disorder.

Help from others:

1)    Ask other people to shake you at a set time until you wake up, and if possible, drag you out of the bed.
2)    If you are living alone, ask someone to give you a morning call. Ring until you answer the call and talk to you for a few minutes to make sure you are fully wake up.
3)    Commit yourself with your beloved and run a penalty scheme. For example, you have to buy that person a dinner if you don’t wake up on time.

Psychological boost:

People always like to stay in the comfort zone. The bed is so warm and comfortable, so you are reluctant to leave it. If so, promise yourself many good things to cheer yourself up. Brainwash yourself that you are going to miss a lot of splendid things if you don’t get up on time. Guarantee a good start by stimulating your senses shortly after you wake up.

1)    Feast your eyes with your beloved, beautiful scenery, favorite celebrity, and cute animals.
2)    Listen to your favorite songs, especially those with encouraging lyrics.
3)    Smell the fresh air and the sweet flower scents.
4)    Have a delicious breakfast.


Some people are reluctant to wake up because they don’t want to face the foreseeable troubles. Get back to sleep won’t make the problem disappear; therefore, it’s better to wake up on time and address the issue properly.

Some of underlying problems could be:
1)    Great pressure on meeting deadlines at work
2)    Bully at school
3)    Boring job
4)    Long working hours
5)    Heavy workload at work or at school
6)    Relationship problem
7)    Debts

If the problem couldn’t be solved within a short period, learn to think positive when you wake up. Tell yourself thing is getting better day by day, and make sure you back up this belief with constructive actions.

Hope you will feel energetic after a night’s sleep and wake up on time to face all the challenges in your brand new day.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Use and Clean Chewing Gum

People enjoy chewing gum and dispose it when the flavor was gone. Have you ever thought of other uses? Also, do you know how to clean it from a mess?

Chewing gum is more than for chewing. Let’s exploit other uses. It can be surprisingly helpful when you use it creatively and properly.

Uses of chewing gum
1)    Different flavors are available to give satisfaction on taste.
2)    The chewing activity generates more saliva that helps avoid tooth decay.
3)    Some people use it to keep their mouth busy to check overeating.
4)    Some people use it to keep their mouth busy to check smoking.
5)    Clean the used stamp by pressing it on the chewed gum.
6)    Use the sticky chewed gum to pick up hairs, bits, dust and broken glass for disposal.
7)    The sticky chewed gum could temporarily substitute double-side tape in assignment such as hanging a paper.
8)    It can serve as a temporal station to hold needles.

Disposal of chewed gum could be as easy as point A stated. Unfortunately, some users are careless enough to create a mess. If you are the victim, don’t lose your cool. Try the cleaning method listed below.

Cleaning of chewed gum:
A)    Spit the chewed gum on a tissue and wrap it properly before the disposal to the rubbish bin.
B)    If the chewed gum was on a carpet or clothes, harden it by placing a bag of ice on it. Clean the hardened gum with a brush afterwards.
C)    Wipe off the chewed gum with a shovel, a cutter or something equivalent, and then rub the sole against the ground to get rid of the sticky remains.
D)    If the chewed gum was on hairs, apply cooking oil to the affected area. Wait for two to three minutes and then comb the hairs until no gum left. Wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly.

There are some other methods to clean the chewed gum, but they often require the use of chemicals. Let’s pray that everyone can use and dispose the chewed gum properly. Stick to Point A, which is the most efficient and the least costly method, and develop it as a good habit. It will save time, resources and efforts in keeping our environment clean.

If you can think of other creative use or natural cleaning method for chewed gum, welcome to leave a message and share with us all.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hostel in Singapore: Footprints Hostel

During my Singapore trip, I dwelled in Footprints Hostel. It’s a nice and economic option. Check it out see if it could meet your budget and needs.

(Footprints Hostels locates in Little India.)

When travelling alone within a limited time, usually four or five days, I tend to stuff my itinerary with as many scenic spots as possible. This means I will be staying outdoors most of the time, leave early and return late, going from one place to another. Lodging in an expensive hotel will be a waste because I will have no time to enjoy the grand layout, service and facilities such as swimming pool and gym. The most important thing is to have a clean bed that allows me reviving within a few hours; therefore, hostel is often a better choice than hotel to me.

Staying in hostel is less expensive because you can choose dorm for accommodation. Toilet and bathroom, though often shared, could be as clean as those private ones in a hotel. I used digital camera to capture my user experience. Satisfactory, isn’t it?


(Shared bathroom)

(Using these two hair dryers at the same time, my long hair dried fast.)

(Café at the ground floor)

Many hostels offer different options for dorm. Some options target to family or a bundle of friends, allowing people keep closer together and have more fun. Taking care of one another, elder and children in particular, is more convenient.

If you have an extrovert character, you will enjoy the additional benefit. Many hostels have a common room with a more carefree atmosphere that provokes chatting. It’s easier to talk with other travelers, get tips, share experience and make friends.

Hostel staff is often friendlier, more willing, ready and patient to offer help by providing travel information and tips than the hotel staff. Warm reception could make your day, enhancing the joyful degree of your trip.

With so many merits and lower cost, you may want to give hostel a try. No matter how inexpensive an offer is, do not forsake the basic needs and overlook the quality aspect. For example, choose a hostel that offers excellent safety, clean beds, reliable lockers, tidy toilets and bathrooms.

With the use of Internet, finding a suitable hostel is easier now. Many web sites offer detailed descriptions, photos of the facilities, user's rating and comments. Instant booking is also available. Take some time to review the rating and pay attention to the latest comments; the information will help you understand the latest condition of your options and come up with the best pick.

I am glad to pick Footprints Hostels for my stay in Singapore. Hope this hostel can keep up with its merits and strive for higher quality. Look forward to staying there again in the future.

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