Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Wake Up On Time

Wake up on time is a difficult task to many people, me as well. There are several ways to cope with this issue. You can seek help from three aspects.

(Sailor Moon Alarm Clock)

1) Sleep early, have eight hours sleep and good quality sleeping. If you can have these three practices developed as a habit, it is like setting your biological clock and you are likely to wake up on time naturally.
2) No matter you can wake up naturally or not, use a powerful alarm clock.
3) Use your mobile phone as an alarm clock as well.
4) Have a bird that sings early and loud enough as your pet.

Help from others:
1) Ask your family members to shake you until you wake up.
2) If you are living alone, ask your friends to give you a morning call, ring until you wake up and answer the phone.

Once you wake up, no matter by what methods, never stick to the bed. Go to the toilet and wash your face shortly.

Psychological help:

Sometimes people refuse to wake up not because they are tired, but because they hate going to work or school. Hence, do something to cheer up right after wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face.

1) Look at photos of something you like, such as boyfriend, favorite celebrity, beautiful scenery, or cutie animals.
2) Listen to your favorite songs, especially those with encouraging lyrics.
3) Enjoy good scents, such as the smell of fresh air, flowers and trees.
4) Eat a good breakfast and enjoy the good taste.

After trying all aforementioned method, if you still have problems in wake up, do not hesitate to get professional help.

Wake up on time and do not miss the good things in a brand new day. Have a good day.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Use and Clean Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is not for chewing only. It has some other uses. Make good use of the chewing gum and learn how to clean it properly.

Uses of chewing gum:

1. Enjoy the flavor of the chewing gum. It refreshes one’s mind.
2. Chewing gum generates more saliva that helps avoid tooth decay.
3. Clean the used stamp by pressing the chewed gum on it.
4. If the chewed gum is sticky enough, give a gentle press to pick up hair, bits and dust for disposal.
5. A temporal place to hold needles when you are sewing.

How to clean chewing gum:

1. Spit the chewed gum out to a tissue, wrap well and dispose.
2. If you discover a chewed gum on your carpet and clothes, place a bag of ice on it. Remove the gum with a brush after it is hardened by the cooling.
3. Use a shovel or anything that can shovel to wipe off the chewed gum, and then rub the sole against the ground to get rid of the sticky remains.
4. To clear the chewed gum on hair, apply cooking oil on the affected area. Wait for two to three minutes. Comb the hair until all gum is out. Wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly.

There are many other methods to clean chewing gum, some required uses of chemicals. If everyone can stick to point one and develop it as a good habit, we are using the most efficient and least costly method.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hostel in Singapore: Footprints Hostel

This year I wrote three articles on 15 places to visit in Singapore. Some readers would like to know where I stayed. The answer is Footprints Hostel.

Whenever travelling alone as a backpacker, I will spend most of my time visiting the scenic spots. It is quite a waste to stay in a luxury hotel leaving the supreme setting and service underused. Hence, I often chose to stay in hostel for my simple needs.

Many hostels have different options. If you choose dorm, the price is particularly economical. No matter how low a price is, do not forsake the basic needs. Choose a hostel that offers excellent safety, clean beds, reliable lockers, tidy toilets and bathrooms.

Footprints Hostel locates in Little India. Here are some photos I took during my last stay, for reference only.


(Shared bathroom)

(Using these two hair dryers at the same time, my long hair dried fast.)

(Café at the ground floor)

Hostel staff are often friendlier and more patient in giving tourist information than those worked in hotel. If you enjoy conversation, hostel is a place to meet other travelers. Sometimes you can make some good friends in a trip.

Finding information for hostel in the Internet is easy. Many web sites will offer detailed description, photos, user’s rating and instant booking. Take some time to review the user’s rating and note the latest comments. This will help a lot in your decision making.

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