Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Fate of the Animal Kingdom: Balloon Animals?

Many mass animal deaths have been reported in 2011. If this goes on, what will be the fate of the animal kingdom? Will we see balloon animals only?

Many years ago I received a calendar from my friend. Each calendar sheet has a brand new comic. I kept some sheets. The photo illustrates one of them. In the past, I would say we had real animals and so, the idea of balloon animals was definitely exaggerating. Looking at the same comic approximate 12 years later, I am not so sure now. It may really happen one day.

Time passed quickly. People are busy in their daily life. It seems that we are not sensitive enough to the surrounding changes, especially the Earth, environment and nature. Terrible news broke out one after the other. The alarm is already on for a long while. Humans have to be more aggressive in environmental protection and animal savings.

Let us hope real animals stay and will not be replaced by balloon animals.

Welcome to read the two articles below for more details of the recent mass animal deaths.
Mass Animal Deaths: Who is The Killer?
Over 500,000 Seal Pups Drowned to Death


Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Happy Valentine’s Wish

My happy Valentine’s wish is very simple. Hope everyone finds someone to share the same idea “Can’t stop loving you”.

If you do not have a valentine this year, do not feel sad. Keep yourself busy. There are many good songs in the three articles below. You can find them in YouTube easily. Select your favorites. Play them one by one and have a musical evening. While looking for the other half, never stop loving yourself. So, enjoy yourself.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to make a Valentine Card by Stamping and Embossing

(A sample photo from a Japan leaflet)

Valentine’s Day is coming. Would you like to handmade a Valentine card to express your love? DIY a card can be done by stamping and embossing easily.

You need to prepare some materials, namely a drawing paper, a stamp, an embossing ink pad, a bottle of embossing powder, a brush, a dryer and some color makers.

1.      Cut the drawing paper to a card size.
2.      Press the stamp on the embossing ink pad and then on the card.
3.      Cover the stamp mark on the card with embossing powder thoroughly.
4.      Clear the excessive embossing powder on the card with the brush.
5.      Adopt hot mode of the dryer toward the mark until it changes color.
6.      Use some color markers to fill in the space for decoration.

(Using dryer. Image from a Japan leaflet)

Special note:

If you do not have a stamp that carries your love message, you can handmade a stencil.

1.      Write your message in a drawing paper in thick line.
2.      Cut out the characters only.
3.      Place this stencil (must be in larger size) on card.
4.      Press the protruding embossing ink pad on it.
5.      If you do not have a protruding ink pad, then use a sponge to transfer the embossing ink on the card.

Handmade a Valentine Card by stamping and embossing, and let darling feel your sweet love.

Other than stamping and embossing, you can also make a card via blow paint.